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Winter Wedding Limo Hire

It might be cold outside, but there is no shortage of weddings! And winter wedding limo hire is the perfect way to arrive without feeling the chill.

While many couples plan their big day for the warmer seasons, saying “I Do” in winter has definite advantages. Providing winter wedding limo hire, we’ve heard some fantastic reasons for a mid-year wedding!

The first, and often the greatest influencing factor, is price. Celebrating a wedding in winter is a huge money-saver. The cost of the reception alone can be significantly less than a spring or summer wedding.

Another wonderful reason to have your wedding during winter is that you don’t have to compete with other couples for your friends’ and family’s social calendars! You have probably experienced it yourself – the invitations come in thick and fast for weddings during the sunnier seasons, and the diary becomes jam packed. When you have your wedding in winter, you often have pick of the dates and get to take centre-stage!

There are no what-ifs in winter! You know what to expect. There is no need to have multiple plans for your wedding day. Many brides plan for an outdoor wedding in the spring and summer, and need to put contingency plans in place.

In the cooler, rainier months, you only need one plan. A cosy, warm plan that will keep everyone happy – a plan that ensures they can party in comfort.

Availability is a top benefit of winter weddings. Vendors’ calendars are a lot more open during the cold season – giving you the pick of many, instead of trying to coordinate dates with your favourite wedding suppliers. Winter wedding limo hire is a perfect example. While we are always busy, whatever time of year it is, the popular wedding season can be very tricky when it comes to accommodating all of the couples we want to help.

One of the best reasons of all, which we have heard many times in recent years, is a warmer overseas honeymoon. It is lovely to be able to jet off to your honeymoon straight after the wedding, for some much needed recovery and recreation time. With a winter wedding, you can head off for your overseas honeymoon and enjoy the sun in another time zone. The United States, Portugal, Greece, Italy and Spain are all ideal destinations during the Australian winter.

If you’ve decided to reap the benefits of a winter wedding, then Enrik Limousines can help you with your winter wedding limo hire needs. Our award-winning company is rated for service, safety and style.

Contact us today for an obligation free chat, and let us help make your winter wedding a memorable one.

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