Escape Room Transportation Melbourne

Escape Rooms are exciting in their own right, of course.

But have you ever thought about how to enhance your adventure even further?

How about arriving at your Escape Room experience in the luxury of a sleek black limo?

Imagine how it could elevate the experience for you and your fellow escapees.

Need more? Okay.

Escape Room Transportation Melbourne

Heightening the Escape Room experience


An Escape Room is all about adventure, but why wait until you enter to begin the fun?

A limo ride to your destination not only adds a layer of pampering,

but also offers the perfect environment for you and your fellow escapees to pre-strategise,

or just feed on the excitement.

Enjoy the bar and music and arrive at your destination ready to play.

The ultimate date night

Visualise your special other finding a mysterious date night that begins with a luxurious limousine ride.

A hired black limo creates a romantic night full of mystery and surprise. As soon as you enter this plush interior, the adventure begins and creates an amazing date night beyond your wildest imaginings.

A trip to a top-secret location


Escape rooms are all about the thrill of solving puzzles and discovering secrets.

Add to this sense of mystery by arriving at a secret location in style.

What an amazing start to an adventure if you don’t even know where your luxury transport is going to drop you off.

But don’t worry, we’ll know. And we’ll know where to pick you up after you escape.

Escape Room Transportation Melbourne

Stress-free travel

Streamline your escape room adventure planning by choosing limo transportation. Isn’t it nice sometimes to let someone else take care of things, like driving, and parking, and traffic?

Instead of stressing about any of that, hire a licensed chauffeur to get you and your fellow escapees there safely, and in style.

One less hassle, one more adventure

All in all, elevating your escape room experience to a great adventure is as easy as hiring a limo. No matter whether you go for a black limo, stretch limo, or a gorgeous Chrysler or Mercedes, the journey certainly becomes part of the overall experience. So, why not treat yourself to a little luxury and make your escape room experience a true occasion?

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