Valentine’s Day Wedding Limo Hire Melbourne

Valentine’s Day wedding limo hire Melbourne – the one day of the year everyone dedicates to romance is fast approaching and a perfect time to enjoy a limo ride!

Many couples are getting ready to say their “I Do’s” on February 14, and they have already booked their Valentine’s Day wedding limo hire Melbourne. However, what about those who plan on popping the big question on Valentine’s Day? Why not go the extra mile to impress your partner with classic Valentine’s Day wedding limo hire in Melbourne.

There are some stunning places to propose in Melbourne, and travelling in Valentine’s Day limousine hire is one of the best ways to make a first impression. Let your future fiancé or fiancée know that you are serious about making the commitment!

While we could chat about the best locations to propose, sometimes it is more about the how than the where. And having been witness to countless proposals over the years, we have some favourite ideas that spring to mind.

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Romantic Stop-Off

Travelling in a limo on Valentine’s Day?

Why not make a surprise pit-stop at a romantic location, and pop the question before you even reach your destination?

A beach or a beautiful garden can both make a great backdrop to your proposal.

Surprised by the Snacks!

You don’t even need to leave your  limo hire to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage.

While they are basking in euphoric luxury, hide a sneaky engagement ring or handwritten proposal note in the snacks or champagne flutes.

This also gives you both time together as you enjoy this special event in privacy.

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Public Proposals

These are our personal favourites.

There are so many ways to propose in public, and involving those around you makes it even sweeter.

Onlookers will remember the day they witnessed two people making a commitment to love each other, and who doesn’t feel warm and fuzzy being part of such wonderful moments?

How can you surprise your special someone with a public proposal?

You could stop for a bite to eat from a food truck, or ask your chauffeur or a member of the public to take a photo of you together in front of a landmark.

When they are ready to take the snapshot, drop to one knee and ask away! This gives you a lasting memory of the proposal too.

If you put your creative thinking cap on, there are plenty of great ways to incorporate your Valentine’s Day wedding limo hire into your Melbourne proposal.

At Enrik Limousines, we are partial to romantic proposal ideas, and look forward to being part of these sweet occasions.

Contact the team at Enrik Limousines today, and get ready to pop the question this Valentine’s Day!