Do you have a special occasion coming up – for yourself or someone you love? Indulge a little and travel with special event limo hire.

Everyone has something special on the event calendar that means a lot to them, and if they are lucky they have many. Special event limo hire always adds to the excitement.

When it comes to special event limo hire, birthdays, engagements and anniversary celebrations top the list. Don’t rule out other events though – graduations and awards presentations are also great reasons to book a limousine!

Special Birthdays

From Sweet Sixteenths to Sixtieths, people love a limo ride at any age! At Enrik Limousines, we cater for all milestone birthdays – 21st, 30th, 40th and 50th birthdays are all regular bookings for our fleet of Chrysler limousines.


Every year that sees people committing their hearts to each other is a great year, but some are more notable than others. We love transporting couples who are celebrating these milestones, such as 25th or 50th wedding anniversaries.

Special Event Limo Hire


An engagement party is generally the first public commitment made by couples, and it is lovely to be part of this. Hiring a limousine for your engagement party takes away the added stress of getting around, and provides the couple with a taste of the treatment they will get on their big day.


Giving couples an extra treat with special event limo hire is a privilege – it is an honour to be part of the beginning of their commitment journey. We really do enjoy providing limousine hire services for romantic proposals and watching the occasion unfold.

Life’s Other Milestones

Graduation and award ceremonies are two more exceptional reasons to choose special event limo hire. When you – or someone close to you – have worked so hard to achieve these goals, it makes sense to indulge in a transportation treat!

If you have a special event or occasion coming up, add special event limo hire to your party plans. At Enrik Limousines, we know the thrill that travelling in a stylish, well-appointed limousine with an experienced chauffeur brings… the happy smiles say it all!

Contact Enrik Limousines today for an obligation-free chat, or to book your limousine hire for the next big event in diary.

Special Event Limo Hire