Park Hyatt Limo Hire – Now it’s Your Turn

For the ultimate extravagance in the heart of Melbourne, arrange a Park Hyatt Limo Hire with Enrik Limousines for your wedding.

This stunning venue is one of the city’s premier wedding destinations and arriving in a Park Hyatt Limo Hire will be nothing short of exceptional.

This is just the best location for a wedding. Central Melbourne, luxury accommodation and the most gorgeous building. As you arrive along the tree lined drive in your Park Hyatt Limo Hire, you will get to experience that red velvet carpet sense of awe and excitement. What a fantastic way to build the drama of the moment.

With its opulent spaces and lavish design, this building trumpets ‘special event’. Dark finishes, marble floors and high-end décor adds to the sense of occasion imbued in its walls. If you do care to look beyond the beautiful interior, the windows offer spectacular views over the city, including St Patricks Cathedral and Fitzroy Gardens.


Park Hyatt Limo Hire

Image from: Icon Photography

Perfect for the most elegant of weddings, the circular ballroom accommodates up to 600 guests. As expected, the standard of dining and service is as impressive as the space itself. For more intimate gatherings, the Library – complete with fireplace, offers fine dining for a smaller, discerning crowd.

While wedding photographs at the venue itself will be charming – think staircases, grand windows and garlands of flowers – there’s also the option to have pictures taken in the nearby Fitzroy Gardens. A green oasis in the centre of the city and oh so close to your reception venue. Although, with a privately driven, luxury limousine at your disposal you might have to take the long way there.

With a wonderful combination of gorgeous venue and excellent location, it’s no wonder our Park Hyatt Limo Hire drivers have the pleasure of arriving at this doorstop time and time again. Now it’s your turn to experience the buzz and glamour. Get in touch with Enrik Limousines to arrange a luxury limousine for your wedding.