The wedding car and limousine hire industry in Melbourne is fiercely competitive. With the influx of Chrysler limousines in Melbourne, along with Hummer limos, the choices are endless for couples looking to get married. The Chrysler limousines were first introduced into Australia in 2006, and Enrik Limousines purchased the first black Chrysler limo registered in Victoria.

As the wedding car industry has grown significantly over the last few years, in particular, Melbourne limousine hire, a few ‘seedy’ elements have also crept into the industry leaving some consumers disappointed, and tarnishing the limo hire industry in general. When selecting your wedding car here are some Limo Hire Handy Tips.

– Some companies are “commission based” booking agencies. This means they do not own the vehicles, but are happy to make a ‘quick buck’ by booking out someone else’s wedding cars or limousines. Enrik Limousine WILL NOT hire out our vehicles to any such operators. Please make sure the limousine or wedding car you are booking is owned by the person/company you are dealing with. Simply ask to inspect the vehicle. If there is any hesitation with this, I’m guessing they do not own the wedding car. Also ask for a guarantee that the vehicles you book are the ones that will turn up on the day

– You should always view the limousine prior to booking. We are always delighted to “show off” our fleet of Chrysler limousines and luxury sedans. They are always impeccably maintained and we are proud to show what we have. It also allows us to meet our potential couples and get a better understanding of their wedding day requirements. Whilst all “Chrysler are the same”, they are NOT all maintained the same. As the expense of repairs and maintenance is quite significant, some take a lot longer to fix issues with their limousines. Some are washed better, maintained better and housed better. Some have “odours” associated with them, indicative of the type of work that might be carried out in the limousine.

Viewing the limousine also allows YOU to decide if this is the type of company that you want representing you on your wedding day.

– Whilst pricing is an important factor in the decision making process, it should NOT be the sole factor. The chauffeur on your wedding day can make the difference between you having a good or great experience. He/She must be friendly, professional, co operative and understand that this is your wedding day! We don’t get a second chance at it. Many companies talk about great customer service, but can rarely back it up if they are offering a cheap price. If the service is as good as they say, you should be able to find plenty of reviews backing this up.

– Reviews have also become an important tool in the decision making process. I personally get very concerned when I can’t find out any information on a particular organisation I am looking to book. Reviews are readily accessible by various means and help with credibility when looking to book.

– Both the limousines and the chauffeurs need to be licensed by the Taxi Services Commission

– Is the company members of any associations? (like the Wedding Car Association).

Lots of small factors may help you “tick all the boxes” when looking for your wedding transport provider for your wedding day. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to give us a call

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