If you are looking for cheap limo hire Melbourne, then maybe Enrik Limousines is not for you. We are a quality, service-orientated limousine company, not a price-oriented limousine company. We strive to be the best, so we cannot be the cheapest limo hire Melbourne has to offer. (However, we understand that we still need to be competitive).

While many people are on the hunt for bargains, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t look for cheap limo hire Melbourne. This is your wedding day. You have to consider whether you really want the cheapest – or do you want value? How much do you save by going with the cheapest, and what do you risk?

There are plenty of adages that ring true, and “you get what you pay for” is one of them when looking for good service. Focussing on Cheap limo hire Melbourne is dangerous and a risky way to plan your wedding. Price is definitely a consideration, but it should not be the sole factor. Other factors to consider are:

Cheap Limo Hire Melbourne

  • Length of time in business – this establishes security and credibility. It also suggests that the operator knows what they are doing and are familiar with a lot of situations
  • Reviews – Reviews are a powerful research tool these days. How can someone be in business for 5 years and only have 3 reviews? There are lots of different type of reviews too – Google and facebook just to mention a couple, and they are honest reviews that cannot be deleted by the business.
  • Have they won any awards or are they involved in any associations? Being part of an association often comes with accountability, fees and require you to uphold some sort of standards and etiquette. The cheaper operators will tend to shy away from this
  • Is it a full time or part time job? Where are the vehicles kept? Do they own the limousines or are they part of a commission-based booking agency? How do the chauffeurs dress on the day?

That’s not to say that paying more always guarantees great service, but probably puts the odds in your favour of getting a better outcome. There is usually a happy meeting point somewhere in between. If the top of your criteria list is cheap limo hire Melbourne, it may end in disappointment.

Value and price are two different things. Whilst people talk price, it is value that they are seeking. If we have a good ‘cheap’ meal, we say it was great value for money. If we have an expensive meal, where the decor, views and surroundings are amazing, the food delicious, and the service exceptional, we say the same thing – it was great value for money. We are looking to justify what we spent versus what we received.

Cheap Limo Hire Melbourne

It is sensible, and I would say essential, that you work to a budget for your wedding day, or any event for that matter. Just be aware of what you are actually saving.

Beginning your search with “cheap limo hire Melbourne” might get you the lowest price, but will it give you the best value, or the experience you are after? If this is your wedding day, would you risk it?

For over a decade, Enrik Limousines has been delivering award-winning limousine services to the Melbourne area. We have over 300 reviews online, have won many Awards both in Victoria and Australia for the service we offer – this, we are enormously proud of. We pride ourselves on the quality of our people, fleet of vehicles, value-for-money Melbourne limo hire, and are committed to making every limousine experience an enjoyable and luxurious one.

Get in touch with the team at Enrik Limousines today for an obligation-free chat, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest limo news!

Cheap Limo Hire Melbourne