Black Chrysler Limousine Hire – Ellie and Michael

Ellie and Michael stopped the show with a beautiful wedding at Carousel and their black Chrysler limousine hire.

This sweet couple started their “happily ever after” at the iconic Albert Park Lake venue. Black Chrysler limousine hire transported them to the glamorous surroundings, while they overlooked the bright lights of the Melbourne CBD.

Black Chrysler Limousine Hire

Choosing Carousel meant that Ellie and Michael honoured the elements that make Melbourne weddings great. With a waterfront location, cityscape, and an area rich with character and history, they also chose black Chrysler limousine hire to create a very cool, “Melbourne-inspired” occasion.

Ellie looked absolutely breathtaking as Michael’s bride, and he was every bit the dashing groom. Their style was reminiscent of Hollywood sophistication – it made sense to choose a black limousine like Dark Angel to transport them through some of the most stunning parts of bayside Melbourne.

While so many trends emerge, changing from year to year, there is one style that never wavers. True timeless elegance is always here to stay. This is where wedding limousine hire shines.

Just check out these amazing photos by Immerse Photography. Our happy couple looked like they were starring in their own blockbuster romance, supported by a great cast, crew and audience!

Their wedding style was predominantly black and white, making 10-seater black Chrysler limousine hire the perfect option. Ellie’s bridesmaids stepped out in pastel pink, adding a touch of delicate colour to the occasion.

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Black Chrysler Limousine Hire

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Black Chrysler Limousine Hire